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Posted: February 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

Space Wolf

There has been a lot of talk over the last few days about which events we are planning on attending as a club. I think there is a bit of momentum in the club regarding attending tournaments now which is good.

The only downside is choosing which events to go to…

There are such a wide range of events out there but as a club we have historically (since the release of 6th) only really done comped events where the rough edges of the game were smoothed off by the tournament organisers and restrictions were put in place to ensure varied armies.

But then some of the guys threw a spanner in the works by going to Caledonian which had no comp and having a great time!

It got me playing around with Space Wolf/White Scars combinations and thinking of some cool conversions and was all set to start modelling some funky White Scars stuff.

However, mapping out the events for the year, and with some of our guys are only interested in doing comped events, it means we are increasingly likely to do more comped events so no White Scars for me!

All is not lost as I recently discovered the Champions of Fenris force org chart which I love. No Blood Claws or Grey Hunters is a big switch for me from my historical wolf armies and let’s me take lots of cool stuff from the codex.

So it looks like I’ll be working on updating my Wolves over the next few months in time for:

A club get together in May (maybe…)

A team event in June which is not comped but only 1,500pts and so not really viable for a Wolves/Scars combo.

An event in July which may well be non comped and include a variety of game sizes. Rumours of a 2k game size means the Scars may not be totally out of the picture yet.

A friendly event in September in Weymouth which will almost certainly be comped and only around 1,500pts so it will be just Wolves for me.

I’m hoping we can fit some other events in as I really want to do a hardcore event at some point but that’s not easy when you run your own business and have 2 babies to look after (my son is in my arms as I type this one handed. And very slowly!).

But at the end of the day it’s about weekends away with your mates so if it’s all comped events then that’s cool too.

I’ll just be *that guy* with the Wolf army 😉


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