Hells March Crusade

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Last weekend my gaming group got together for our annual invitational tournament. Every year in January or early Feb we meet for the weekend and play a really fun 1,000pt event. The rules pack inevitably has some funky stuff in it to make it interesting and because we all know each other the atmosphere is always top notch.

I took my Ultramarines for their inaugural outing.

The list I took in the end was:

Chapter Master [bike, artificer armour, power fist, storm shield]

8 Tactical Marines [missile launcher]

5 Bikes [2 grav guns, 1 combi grav]

Stormtalon [skyhammer missiles]

3 Centurians [grav cannons and amps, missile launchers]

Thunderfire Cannon


So a very small army and one which would either do well or do terribly!

Against marines and the equivalent it should eat them up nicely. Against Nids or Daemons or Orks I wasn’t so sure.

In the end I played a range of opponents and had a blast.

Some of the highlights (I can’t remember who I played when!) were

Game 1 vs Eldar.

This was a funky game against an army I’m unfamiliar with made worse by the fact it was led by a farseer summoning daemons. By turn 3 I was up against not only 1,000pts of Eldar but also a squad of plaguebearers, a squad of daemonettes, 2 Tzeentch Heralds and a Blood Thirster…

Kind of not so fun.

Inevitably I lost in the end but the guy playing the army was informed afterwards that he couldn’t summon daemons with his army as the event rules only allowed you to use a single codex. Tbh that was the right call as otherwise the army would have been inappropriate for the event. As it was it was just a tough army for the rest of the event. Bit late for me but Karl was a nice guy and I didn’t have any problems losing. I learnt a bit about what the Eldar do as well which will hopefully help moving forwards.

Narrowly losing to my buddy Neil

Neil was using Daemons so not a great match up for me and could legitimately summon which made it even harder. In the end I had a narrow loss but it was a blast and I ended up playing against something like 30 fleshhounds due to summoning!

Playing infantry Blood Angels

Matt was using all infantry Blood Angels with a huge unit (15?) of death company with jump packs. This was a really horrible match up for him not helped by me rolling the warlord trait which lets a unit within 12″ re roll to hit once in the game. Needless to say 15 grav shots rerolling to hit and rerolling to wound made a royal mess of the death company.

Army swap and wiping out my own army!

One game was an army swap and I drew Rob with his Chaos army. I can’t really fathom how I won that game but Rob made a bit of a mistake pushing forward with his (my?) bikes letting me get a charge off on them with my chaos lord and spawn. The lord and chapter master took lumps out eachother and the spawn killed off the bikes but importantly at the same time my oblits could chip away at his centurions and I started to get on top. Once I was then I could push on and mop up.


All in all I had a great time and really enjoyed all of my games so have to say a huge thank you to all of my opponents.

In the end I came in 2nd place, Paul won the Dragon (a big trophy for 1st place) and Aythlan won the Golden Turkey (a much more important trophy rewarded to last place!):

Paul Scott 147 Daemons
Alex West 140 Ultra Marines
Gary Marsh (The Chosen)139 Chaos Space Marines
Rob Madeley 135 Necrons
Karl Bickley 130 Eldar
Chris Green 125 Tyranids
Jason Miller 120 Khorne Daemons
Geoff Hamilton 117 Space Marines
Rob Kanciodrowski 114 Chaos Space Marines
Michael Bolton 110 Necrons
Steve Pearce (The Forsaken) 105 Chaos Space Marines
Neil Gibbons 104 ‘Quality Street’ Daemons – (Assorted)
Iain Miller 100 Blood Angels
Matt Pearce 99 Death Company
Rob Sims 92 Space Wolves
Aythlan 75 Eldar


Such fun 🙂

I’m going to be working on a highlander wolf army and a more hardcore army for events with no comp over the next few months so will be posting updates and photos of that as I go.


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