Defenders of Ultramar: Winged Vengeance – Stormtalon

Posted: January 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

The Stormtalon ‘Winged Vengeance’ has been requisitioned to provide air support to the Hells March campaign.

Having been commissioned in the 38th Millenium ‘Winged Vengeance’ has survived over 3 millennia of warfare, bringing death to the enemies of the Ultramarines.

Winged Vengeance’s most renowned campaign was during the Skallax incursion when the Ultramarines responded to a Daemon incursion led by the Khorne warlord Skallax. Providing air support, targeting flocks of Furies, Winged Vengeance successfully stopped the daemons harassing the Ultramarine firebase. This enabled the forward strike elements to quickly engage the daemon forces, effectively cutting the head off the snake.

stormtalon 1

stormtalon 2


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