Defenders of Ultramar: Squad Caecus ‘Macragge’s Hammer’

Posted: December 30, 2014 in Uncategorized

Today I want to introduce Squad Caecus, led by Caecus Numanor. Earning the moniker Macragge’s Hammer after the invasion of Sotha by the Tau Empire these Centurions have claimed countless enemy vehicles in the name of Guilliman and The Emperor.

Caecus Numanor is known throughout the Ultramarine chapter to be, for an Ultramarine, rash and aggressive with his battlefield manoeuvres.

Although not many would admit it, Caecus’ aggression has often been the difference between a long drawn out victory and a swift victory with little loss of life.

This was demonstrated most notably during the invasion of Sotha, when his squad earned their moniker Macragge’s Hammer. Responding to a Tau incursion the Ultramarines made planet fall and sought to establish a beach head from which to push the invading xenos back.

However the Tau ethereals had not been blind to the Ultramarines approach and had set up an ambush for the landing forces. Seeing the severely embattled landing force Caecus ordered his squad to disembark from their thunderhawk gunship mid-flight, landing amongst a trio of Tau Riptides. Their grav cannons caused carnage amongst this lynchpin of the Tau forces enabling the Ultramarines to push back the Tau, establish a beachhead and ultimately fend off the Tau incursion.

Whilst many chided Caecus for breaching the advice contained within the codex that day, chapter master Varro Galatan took pride in seeing great initiative used to turn the tide of the battle and when assembling his forces for the Hells March campaign requested Caecus’s squad be amongst those called to arms.

As such Caecus and his squad find themselves heading to the Segmentum Obscurus to fight off the most recent chaos incursion.

centurions 1

centurions 2

  1. castigatoruk says:

    Nice paint job mate…..still don’t like the sculpts though ;-).
    Loving the background for the army, keep it up!

    • alexwest7 says:

      Thanks mate.

      The sculpts kind of grew on me I have to admit although they aren’t the best in the range.

      Quite enjoying writing the background and getting it to tie in with why they would be meeting your boys on the field of battle on the other side of the galaxy!