Defenders of Ultramar: Squad Lucius ‘Swords Of Justice’

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

It’s time to make some proper progress with my Ultramarines and I figured I would start by introducing Squad Lucius, 2nd Squad, ‘Swords Of Justice’.

Led by Sergeant Lucius Apollonius the Swords Of Justice form the backbone of 2nd companies battle line.

Squad Lucius

Lucius Apollonius rose to become the sergeant of the Swords Of Justice when his predecessor was killed in action at the battle for Pavonis, felled by an Incubus as he led an assault on the Dark Eldar forces. A stoic, if a little inflexible, man he has served The Emperor for over 200 years and is a staunch follower of the Codex Astartes.

For the last 23 years Lucius has led the Swords Of Justice quickly making them an integral part of 2nd Company.

Most recently 2nd Company has been deployed to the Segmentum Obscurus as part of the Hells March Campaign to force back the most recent Chaos incursion. There they are acting as bodyguard to Chapter Master Varro Galatan who specifically requisitioned 2nd Company following their recent actions boarding the space hulk Herald Of Grief.

Half squad 1

Half squad 2

Half squad 3

Not the best pictures but hopefully they give a bit of an insight into the colour scheme and so on I’m going with.

Unfortunately with a young baby and another baby due imminently the paint job isn’t the best in the world. I’m shooting for decent table top standard and have tried to create striking highlights on the blue so they capture the eye from an arms length.

I’m finishing off my Centurions over the next couple of days so photos of them will follow along with a stormtalon, my bike command squad and a thunderfire cannon.

  1. castigatoruk says:

    Coming along nicely… should have them all finished by your next available tournament 😉
    Merry Chrimble mate.

  2. castigatoruk says:

    Are you going to the invitational?

    • alexwest7 says:

      It all depends on when exactly the baby arrives but I’m intending/hoping to yes.

      Have you decided either way yet?